Can't set cookies in Laravel


Question: Can't set cookies in Laravel

I thought cookies were simple, but I'm struggling with them for quite a while.

I'm trying to create cookies with the information and php error it does not work. It looks like the creation is not successful.

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Cookie;  Cookie::queue( Cookie::make('test', 'my test token', 5563)); 

I'm running laravel application on localhost as http://localhost:8000/ or I read about issues with chrome and tried FF and Edge still do not understand where is the problem. Do I need to change to URL to

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Cookie::queue in Laravel only actually sends the queued cookie(s) if you issue a Laravel response of some kind. If you do your own responding (print "OK"; sort of stuff) instead of using something like return response() or return redirect() or return view(), the cookie will be queued but never sent.