Unable to check if a button is disabled in javascript


Question: Unable to check if a button is disabled in javascript

I am trying to check if a button is disabled in testcafe. Below is my code:

    test('Verify  button is inactive after disabling button functionality', async (browser) => {       await browser.wait(5000);       const button = document.querySelector ('[data-testid=Button]');       await browser.click(button);       const buttonActive = ClientFunction(() => {         const button = document.querySelector ('[data-testid=Button]');         const buttonStatus = button.disabled;         console.log(buttonStatus);         return buttonStatus;       });            await browser.expect(buttonActive()).eql(false);     }); 

this reports an error - TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'disabled')

I tried querying from browser console and it worked -

document.querySelector('[data-testid=Button]').disabled false 

Any idea why it is not working?

Here is the console log of the button element -

I did, and have below logged -

Function: __$$clientFunction$$] {   with: [Function (anonymous)],   nth: [Function (anonymous)],   withText: [Function (anonymous)],   withExactText: [Function (anonymous)],   withAttribute: [Function (anonymous)],   filter: [Function (anonymous)],   filterVisible: [Function (anonymous)],   filterHidden: [Function (anonymous)],   find: [Function (anonymous)],   parent: [Function (anonymous)],   child: [Function (anonymous)],   sibling: [Function (anonymous)],   nextSibling: [Function (anonymous)],   prevSibling: [Function (anonymous)],   shadowRoot: [Function (anonymous)],   getStyleProperty: [Function (anonymous)],   getAttribute: [Function (anonymous)],   hasAttribute: [Function (anonymous)],   getBoundingClientRectProperty: [Function (anonymous)],   hasClass: [Function (anonymous)],   addCustomDOMProperties: [Function (anonymous)],   addCustomMethods: [Function (anonymous)],   [Symbol(functionBuilder)]: SelectorBuilder {     callsiteNames: { instantiation: 'Selector', execution: '__$$clientFunction$$' },     fn: '[data-testid=Audio-Button]',     options: {       apiFn: "Selector('[data-testid=Audio-Button]')",       apiFnChain: [Array],       apiFnID: 0     },     compiledFnCode: '(function(){\n' +       '   var __f$=(function(){return document.querySelectorAll("[data-testid=Audio-Button]");});;\n' +       '   return function(){\n' +       '       var args           = __dependencies$.boundArgs || arguments;\n' +       '       var selectorFilter = __dependencies$.selectorFilter;\n' +       '\n' +       '       var nodes = __f$.apply(this, args);\n' +       '       nodes     = selectorFilter.cast(nodes);\n' +       '\n' +       '       if (!nodes.length && !selectorFilter.error)\n' +       '           selectorFilter.error = __dependencies$.apiInfo.apiFnID;\n' +       '\n' +       '       return selectorFilter.filter(nodes, __dependencies$.filterOptions, __dependencies$.apiInfo);\n' +       '   };\n' +       '})();',     replicator: {       transforms: [Array],       transformsMap: [Object: null prototype],       serializer: [Object]     },     callsite: undefined   } } 

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Answers 1: of Unable to check if a button is disabled in javascript

I think that there are some mistakes in your test code, which leads to the errors.

  1. The following code has an error:
const button = document.querySelector('[data-testid=Button]'); 

This is server test code, so you do not have access to the document. The correct usage would be the following:

const button = Selector('[data-testid=Button]'); 

Please read the following article to get information on how TestCafe works in detail: https://testcafe.io/documentation/402631/why-testcafe#client-server-architecture

  1. It seems that there is a a logical error in your ClientFunction and assertion. The function name is buttonActive while it returns the disabled property value.

Please take a look at the example I prepared:

<body>     <button data-testid="Button" disabled="disabled">kekeke</button> </body> 
import { Selector, ClientFunction } from 'testcafe';  fixture `f`     .page `index.html`;  test('Verify  button is inactive after disabling button functionality', async (browser) => {     const button = Selector('[data-testid=Button]');     await browser.click(button);      const buttonDisabled = ClientFunction(() => {         const btn = document.querySelector('[data-testid=Button]');         const buttonStatus = btn.disabled;          return buttonStatus;     });      const isDisabled = await buttonDisabled();      await browser.expect(isDisabled).eql(true); });